Gujarat Lokmela PDF Download

Lokmelas of Gujarat: In addition to 1600 small and big fairs are held in Gujarat every year. More than 500 of these fairs are held in Shravan Mass. The highest, about 159 fairs are held in Surat district and the lowest, about 7 fairs are held in Dang district. Some of the popular fairs are as follows

Gujarat Lokmela PDF Download

Every fair in Gujarat has its own place. Fairs are crowded with human beings. Melo means singing folk songs, the sound of a wheelbarrow, the sound of a wheelbarrow, the puppies, the fun of eating new snacks, the cake is different.

Let us talk about the main folk fairs of Gujarat which are as follows.

Shamlaji fair

A fair is held from Devouthi Agiyaras to Kartiki Purnima at Shamlaji, an ancient shrine on the banks of Meshvo river in Aravalli district. Tribals and Bhils attend this fair in large numbers.

Swimming fair

This fair which is held from Bhadarva Sud Choth to Bhadarva Sud Chath in the temple of Trinetreshwar Mahadev in Tarnetar village of Surendranagar district is well known all over India including Gujarat. Foreigners visiting India also take advantage of this fair. Ahir, rabari, kathi and bharwad youths dressed in beautiful embroidered tunics and red fentas as well as young women carrying colorful embroidered umbrellas with colorful fringed skirts and blankets accompanying them are the special attraction of this fair.

Bhavnath’s fair

At the foothills of Girnar near Junagadh, near the river Suvarnarekha, in the temple of Bhavnath Mahadev, the great worship of Lord Bhavnath takes place at midnight on Mahashivaratri. Crowds of Nagabavas flock to this place to witness this Mahapuja. Apart from this, millions of Ahir and Mer people, monks, devotees and devotees of Junagadh district come to visit.

Vautha fair

Seven rivers namely Sabarmati, Vatrak, Hathmati, Khari, Meshvo, Mazam and Shedhi meet near Vautha village of Dholaka taluk of Ahmedabad district. This place known as ‘Saptasangam’ is considered a sacred pilgrimage. From Kartiki Agiyaras to Kartiki Purnima, lakhs of people from all over Gujarat come to bathe here.

Janmashtami fair

Fairs are held in many cities and villages of Gujarat on the occasion of Krishna Janmotsav on Shravan Vad Aatham.


On the day of Aso Sud Nom, mother’s palli is filled in Rupal (G. Gandhinagar). In which pure ghee is spread on the mandvi.

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