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JAIPUR/ALWAR: A woman teacher underwent a sex change surgery to marry her student at Nagla town in Rajasthan’s Bharatpur district.

Rajasthan teacher marries student

The teacher is posted as a physical training instructor at the government secondary school in Nagla.

Rajasthan teacher marries student

She got impressed with the girl student playing Kabaddi in 2018.

Rajasthan teacher marries student

Both started visiting each other’s homes and staying together. The teacher decided to marry the student but was sceptical that society will give a nod to their marriage.
In 2019 she decided to get her sex changed and on November 4 she got married to her student who is now in college.
The story may be similar to some reel life stories but it is true as Meera Kuntal(29) has now become Aarav Kuntal and got married to Kalpana(21).
“I have five daughters and my youngest daughter who got selected as PTI in the government school in 2016 used to live as a boy since her childhood. Since she started speaking she used to behave like a boy. In our family, too many used to treat her as a boy. She met Kalpana her student who was good at sports and started visiting each other,” Beeri Singh, the father of Meera now known as Aarav Kuntal, told TOI.
“When both decided to get married in 2019, we were clueless if society would give a nod to a wedding of the two girls. This was when we decided to go for various medical procedures and operations to get her sex changed and it was also been accepted by Kalpana and her family. I am happy with this marriage,” he said.
Aarav Kuntal, said, “Kalpana had been very good at sports and we used to mingle very well since I met her in 2018. We are now married and the rest is history and I don’t want to talk much about it”.
A large number of villagers gave their blessings to the couple.


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